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May 16-17, 2008


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NIC (Northern Illinois Conference) VOICE, a growing network of concerned laity whose purpose is to provide balanced information and dialog within The United Methodist Church.
We, The Faithful Christian Laity of the United Methodist Church, have joined together in love for God and for the United Methodist Church to help revive and maintain faithful Christian witness and service in our local churches and Annual Conferences. We provide meaningful avenues for faithful Christian lay voices to be heard and opportunities for action as a means to that end.
MSFUME is a nonprofit fellowship dedicated to the one and only Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We exist to contend for the faith once and for all delivered to the saints and to proclaim Christ as the only Savior of the world and Lord of all. As God is raising up renewing and reforming voices in His Church, we are coming together on a local level with an eye for making a difference.

Get Connected to Other Faithful United Methodists

As Christians, we are first and foremost connected to God, in and through Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior.  Those of us who are also members of the United Methodist Church (UMC) have vowed to contribute our presence, service, and gifts to the UMC.  We are governed by our Book of Discipline. We worship and study together using our Holy Bible, Methodist Hymnal, Book of Worship, and John Wesley’s Sermons.  We are connected together in our Local Churches, Districts, Annual Conferences, Jurisdictions, and General Conference.

We, of the Faithful Christian Laity, encourage each other to develop connections with other United Methodists, locally and around the world, who are likewise dedicated to serving Jesus Christ in faithful stewardship of our Wesleyan heritage and are working for renewal and revival of the UMC.

We invite you to get connected more fully.  These groups throughout the UMC in the United States have chosen to be part of The Voice Circuit and they affirm the orthodox understanding of the Apostles Creed.  They have resources and materials you may find helpful in your growth as a Disciple of Jesus Christ.  Check them out!